The Rising Costs of Post-secondary Education

For decades, students and education advocates across Canada have been vocal about rising tuition fees and their impact on access to education and training. This analysis highlights just how much tuition fees have increased in comparison to inflation and other household expenses

Download the Rising Costs of Post-Secondary Education Report (PDF)



It is time for a national strategy for post-secondary education in Canada.

With a plan for Education for All, we can achieve a high-quality, equitable, affordable, and accessible post-secondary education system. The countless benefits that will come from strengthening and improving our PSE system will extend far beyond the millions of Canadians and international students who study and work at post-secondary institutions to the more than 150 communities across our country in which they are based, and to all Canadians, as PSE is critical for our national well-being.

Download the Education for All Report (PDF)

Education for All Report button, with illustrated cover of student, workers, and teachers.


Education for All: Investing in post-secondary education as an equitable path to building back better

In our submission to Finance Canada's Pre-Budget 2021 Consultation, we made 5 recommendations asking the government to take more substantive action and leadership to maintain and improve affordability, accessibility and quality of Canada’s postsecondary. 

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