A research ecosystem driven by the quest for knowledge and not corporate priorities, that funds research in all disciplines, protects the integrity of academic research, and supports researchers at every stage of their academic careers.

Canada’s expenditure on Research & Development (R&D) as a percentage of its GDP has declined since 2001 and is now below the OECD average and second to lowest among the G7 countries

Without continued investment, Canada risks falling even further behind. Despite increases in 2018, Canada is providing only 54 per cent of the funding level recommended by the Advisory Panel for the Review of Federal Support for Fundamental Science.

To maintain a competitive edge on the international stage and to lead Canada’s economic recovery, the research community requires sustained support, not only for basic research in post-secondary institutions, but also research performed in other institutions, industry, the not-for-profit sector, and government labs.

Systemic barriers to equity and diversity in academia and the research community persist. Fostering equity, diversity and inclusion in research, and ensuring that our research community is reflective of Canada’s diversity will address the chronic underrepresentation of equity groups in research.

Our vision for Education for All includes sustained publicly-funded support for the research community to spark new discoveries and ensure that research promotes the public interest.